Welcome to my blog

I’m not really crazy about technology. Sometimes it seems to me that things are moving too fast, and the deluge of information is just too much. Maybe it’s just because I’m of a certain age, but maybe it’s because I belong in a certain age, say the pre-Renaissance or the Iron Age.

Still, I understand the potential of a blog. Instead of just having a static Web site where I show my portfolio, a brief bio and some new content once a decade, I can share what I’m working on, what I’m thinking about, what I’m inspired by –- and engage you in a conversation about it.

Sure, this blog will be about my art, what I’m working on now, what I’m doing next, but hey — how about that Gilbert and George retrospective at the Brooklyn Museum of Art? What do you think about those guys? Come ON! GILBERT AND GEORGE! Don’t know who they are? Check out this link, here’s one of their pieces, here’s one of their videos, etc. Well, we just learned and grew there, didn’t we? Like that very special episode of some damn show or another.

Okay, you get the idea. More to come.

Stop back soon, share your thoughts, etc.


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