High School Letterman’s Jacket Factory Churns Out Fine Art

For decades the factory at 168 Seventh Street in Brooklyn put out letterman jackets. Now, the place is overrun with writers and artists.

Oxbow Bridge, Central Park

Oxbow Bridge in Central Park: a painting by Michael Sorgatz

Got to chat with a few of them at the A.G.A.S.T. (Annual Gowanus Artists Studio Tour) art walk this weekend, including Michael Sorgatz, Ella Yang, Rick Midler, Rachael Gardner, Brian Young and Richard Kessler.

Good things arising from that Gowanus Canal area these days… and some weird things.

Jellyfish in the Gowanus

Jellyfish in the Gowanus

I sawr a jellyfish swimming happily (or so it seemed) in the thick waters as I walked over the Union St. Bridge a couple months ago. Life, of a sort, in the Gowanus…. not necessarily a good sign. Is it the beginning of the end?


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