After Brush with Larceny, Opening Goes Smoothly

I suppose it’s a compliment when someone tries to steal your art. I mean, that puts a piece in pretty heady company, along with those pilfered pieces by Picasso and Pissarro, right? (“Pretty Peppy Party, eh, Pal?” — Albert Brooks, “Broadcast News”) So hours after installing my show in the Art Bar, some clown walked out of the place, hustling the cheeky masterpiece “Monopoly Smackdown” (loosely based on those sweet old boxing posters) under his coat. The doorman got the art, but not the perp. Okay, now this painting has a back-story. That’s a good thing.

Potentially Pilfered Poster Parody

Potentially Pilfered Poster Parody

On Wednesday the 19th, the opening came off without a hitch. The crowd exceeded my expectations, we had guests from as far away as Pittsburgh (yes, THAT Pittsburgh–-thanks Matt and Lisa), and not one painting was stolen. NOT, ONE. You guys are great. Hope to see you at the next opening: December 11, 6-9 p.m. at Lolita Bar (266 Broome St. at Allen on the Lower East Side). The art will be bigger and harder to steal.


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