Randee Silv Show Opens in Queens



I like Randee Silv. I like her art. A lot. Hers is one of only three pieces we can hang in our pip-squeak Manhattan living room. She made the cut. Why?

She paints with feeling. And intuition. And rhythm and grace and simplicity and complexity. My wife Colleen fell in love with her work several years ago at the Ann Arbor Art Fair, about the time she was falling inn love with jazz. Which is fitting, since Randee’s paintings feel like jazz.

The one we bought feels like Coltrane. Others are more Ornette Coleman. They all combine intense skill and solid fundamentals with a flair for improvisation and personal expression.

She has an exhibit opening Saturday April 4 at M55 Art in Queens (that’s at the Long Island City Art Center, 44-02 23rd Street), with a reception from 5 to 8. The show runs through April 18. Check it out. We sure will.




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