Three Reasons to Like John K

ren_and_stimpy02_10241. Ren

2. Stimpy

3. His blog

(Okay, there are more reasons, but why clutter this posting?)

John K, besides being a talented artist, is also a highly principled guy. He reveres good design and drawing, deplores much of the cluttered new “design” we see these days, and he tells us why on his blog, John K Stuff. He has a fine appreciation for quality vintage cartooning and layout, and carefully explains its merits, to both the professional and the layman.

And the man has a soft spot for the cereals (and their vintage packaging!) from our childhoods, too.

Good design. Right here.

Good design. Right here.

Check out his blog, John K Stuff. I find it enjoyable and informative every time I visit and I hope you do, too.



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4 responses to “Three Reasons to Like John K

  1. Rob Das

    A few years before Ren & Stimpy, John K made “The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse.” This was the funniest show of all time. It only ran my last year in college, and I never missed it. I have been looking for it on video ever since then. Anyone seen it?

  2. jtebeau

    Dude, Mighty Mouse was off the hook! I had forgotten he had done that, but that explains it right there.

  3. Anonymous

    thanks anyway
    he did not personally replied to me but allowed me access to his blog. it is really great 🙂

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