New York is Free Street Theater

New York Eye Candy

New York Eye Candy

Walk down a street in New York, and you’re surrounded by art. And it costs you nothing.

The whole city is like a movie set, first of all. Every neighborhood, landmark and street seem like you’ve seen them on the big (or small) screen at one time or another, and you probably have. On top of that, the signage, Times Square, the taxis, etc? Those are all pop art. Then of course there is actual art art: murals, statues and whatnot, out there in courtyards, in the parks and on the streets for all to enjoy.

But I’m talking about something different here. It’s what’s happening on the streets and other public places. People. People amusing people. All the time. Sometimes on purpose (buskers, breakdancers, goddamned mimes) and sometimes unintentionally (angry old women bitching at length about cold eggrolls to a Chinese waiter who’s been in the U.S. two weeks and speaks five words of English).

And then there are the stunts. This week David Pogue from the Times wrote about a group called Improv Everywhere. Their public antics (breaking into an elaborate musical in a food court, freezing in place at Grand Central) add to the richness of New York art, and we are better for it.

Read Pogue’s article here. And when in New York, keep your eyes open. Art is all around you, all the time.

Yeah, yeah, yeah... Chicago. Close enough.

Yeah, yeah, yeah... Chicago. Close enough.



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4 responses to “New York is Free Street Theater

  1. mikesorgatz

    thanks for posting – I hadn’t heard of this event!

  2. jtebeau

    You bet. Ferris won’t be there, however. Matthew Broderick, perhaps, but I doubt it….

  3. Anonymous

    funny, there is a virtuoso theater in Chicago called Free Street Theater

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