Luv from NYC to Rhode Island, and Back

Ahhh... DEL'S.

Ahhh... DEL'S.

I’m a beach boy. I grew up near the clean, wide, sandy shores of Lake Michigan, and out here on the east coast, I’ve found a slice o’ heaven on earth called Block Island, part of Rhode Island, which isn’t actually an island, but that’s not what we’re talking about here.

What we’re talking about is summer and the beach, and when you put those two together anywhere in Rhode Island, there’s sure to be Del’s frozen lemonade. To quote RI’s own Petah Griffin: “It freakin’ rocks.” I did a painting saying as much (now hanging at Dizzy’s in Brooklyn… which also freakin’ rocks), and put it up in my Etsy store, where it was spotted by Courtney Anderson of Rhode Island Monthly. She gave the painting a little bit of love here in a recent post.

Thanks, Courtney. I owe you a Del’s.



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2 responses to “Luv from NYC to Rhode Island, and Back

  1. mikesorgatz

    nice – I never saw the finished piece, the orange really makes it pop

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