Three Weeks till ArtPrize


'1978', the painting I'm submitting, hanging at the Ottawa Tavern in downtown GR

On September 23rd, competition for the world’s largest art prize kicks off in Grand Rapids, Michigan, just east of where I grew up.

This is a good thing. West Michigan, always home to me, will benefit from this event. It’s stirring up some excitement and media coverage. People from around the world are going to see GR for the very first time. The city will be buzzin’. And this will only build over the years to come.

ArtPrize is a democratic contest. People who view the art vote for their favorites. The top ten are all awarded cash prizes, from $250,000 to $7,000. Over 1,200 artists from around the world are showing at venues all over town, from the Gerald R. Ford Museum to the One Trick Pony, a bar and grill occupying the same building that once housed my dad’s office. I’m showing at the Ottawa Tavern, where there’s a reception Friday September 25 from 6-9 p.m. There’s also a “meet the artists” reception on September 24 from 7-10 p.m. at the Grand Plaza Hotel.

Pre-registration for voting begins online on September 14. You can also register at several venues around town starting on September 23 and there’s an “open registration fair” that day from 4-9 p.m. at Lyons Square, west of Monroe Ave.

So, folks, here’s the ask: I’m looking for votes. Baby needs a new pair of shoes and all that. If you can make it to Grand Rapids between Sept. 23 and 30, register and vote Tebeau & 1978! Thanks for your help, and please pass this on to anyone else who might be in the neighborhood.


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