ArtPrize in the Media

Picture-21ArtPrize, ‘the world’s largest art prize’, is an open art competition starting September 23 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Over 1,200 artists from around the world will be contributing, and the media coverage of the event (and its artists) is picking up steam.

One guy getting a lot of buzz is Aaron Heideman from Oregon. He’s driving his van across the country, collecting “recession stories.”

“I just want to give people a voice,” he said during a stop in Rhode Island, the 20th state he stopped in during what he calls a nationwide conceptual art piece. His media, as he describes it: a 50-yard roll of Tyvek, a Dodge van, and a homeless man (himself). His final destination is Grand Rapids, Mich., home of ArtPrize, where he plans to display his project in September and October.”

The full A.P. story is here.  Heideman has good idea. It reminds me of Steinbeck in “Travels With Charley” plus some “Cannery Row” and of course “The Grapes of Wrath.”

Online registration for ArtPrize starts on September 14. For more info on voting, go here.



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One response to “ArtPrize in the Media

  1. Colleen

    Aaron Heideman has been getting extensive media coverage but he’s not the only one.
    Check out some of the other ArtPrize stories at
    It’s great to see this kind of visibility for artists and for Michigan.

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