Gerald Ford Would be Proud of You…

Grand Rapids' Own

Grand Rapids' Own

… if you came to downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan tonight from 7-10 pm for the ArtPrize Artists Reception at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, just across the river from the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library and Museum.

I’ll be there, along with a few hundred other artists, well-wishers, kibbutzers, and assorted types. ArtPrize is in full swing, so do your duty as an upstanding American, and:

1. Register! (you can do this online at the ArtPrize website) then

2. Activate your voter registration! (at any number of venues around Grand Rapids, also listed here on the website)

3. VOTE! (online or by cell phone) Preferably for Tebeau’s 1978!

The top 10 vote-getters receive cash prizes. If elected – er – selected, I’ve promised to donate 10% of the prize money to the West Michigan Environmental Action Council.

Tomorrow (Friday the 25th) I’ll be at another reception at the Ottawa Tavern from 6-10, where 1978 is hanging. That’s at 151 Ottawa (at Pearl) in downtown GR. Hope you can make it!




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