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Brooklyn Painter Wins ArtPrize

Ran Ortner used to race motorcycles professionally. Now he climbs up and down ladders and paints huge canvases. And he just won $250,000 in the world’s largest art prize.

Ran’s six-by-19 foot oil on canvas “Open Water Number 24” was the big winner out of Grand Rapids’ ArtPrize. The gigantic, 3-D outdoor spectacles must have split the vote, and this striking 2-D painting of water took first place. Nice going, Ran.

Ran Ortner and "Open Water Number 24"

Ran Ortner and "Open Water Number 24"

Yes, yes. But in another, less-accurate way, the 1200-plus artists who put there hearts out there in GR were all winners. Personally, I had an excellent time and will do it again. I got to see family and friends from all over Michigan, and even Chicago. I enjoyed spending time in Grand Rapids and Muskegon, my hometown. And I “drove a car”, which to New Yorkers is rather novel. Big thanks to those of you who stopped by to say hi at the receptions, and congrats to Grand Rapids for putting on a dynamite show. See you next year!

Click here for a nice recap by Micki Maynard of the New York Times, quoting my former Michigan Radio co-worker , Dustin Dwyer.

With Barb Cain-Kellman

With Barb Cain-Kellman

With Cheryl Anderson, and John & Pat Mish

With Cheryl Anderson, and John & Pat Mish


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Art on the Streets of New York Part 1: Looks Good to Me

Not all art is just capital-a Art. Sometimes it’s how your see the world around you. Sometimes it must means looking. This is especially true in New York. There’s no way you can remember it all, either. The lesson is: carry a camera.

Here are a few things that caught my eye on the streets (and occasionally parks) of NYC. I snapped these pix to remember. The art is contained in the subjects of these pictures, not my technique/vision/etc. (See Kamau Ware’s site for what it means to really have a good eye.)

Some of these shots will undoubtedly be made into paintings. See any you think would look good on canvas?


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