“Ides of December: The Chicken Calendar” Day 15 of 30 Birds (SOLD)

“Ides of December: the Chicken Calendar”

So we’re on the road. We’re visiting friends. These folks have a low-tech digital calendar, in convenient chicken form. I needed subject matter. How could I resist?

I’m doing 30 original works this month. The theme for December is birds. All kinds of birds.

An original piece every day, and yes, they’re for sale. And they’re affordable: $99, which includes free first-class shipping. Write me if you’re interested at john@tebeau.com. Each one is 5″ by 7″ on sturdy illustration board.

Any birds you’d like to see painted? Let me know. Recent suggestions include an the first robin of spring, a the American Kestrel, a blue-footed boobie, and all the feathered denizens of “The 12 Days of Christmas.”


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One response to ““Ides of December: The Chicken Calendar” Day 15 of 30 Birds (SOLD)

  1. Colleen Newvine Tebeau

    One reason I love this painting: John and I spent a glorious week of vacation on Block Island this summer. One rainy afternoon, Lara and I went wandering through some shops downtown, including a funky little resale shop. Lara so fell in love with this wooden chicken that she took Rob back later to get it, then had to make room for it in her suitcase.
    So this guy isn’t a Rhode Island Red, but he is a Block Island White.

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