Two Turtle Doves

Two "Turtle" Doves

The penultimate birds of the 12 Days of Christmas: those two turtle doves. These guys are a nod to Turtle, the character from “Entourage” played by Jerry Ferrara. Good old Turtle, with his over-sized red and green jerseys and matching, perpetually backward baseball caps. How Christmassy can you get?

I’m doing 30 original works this month. The theme for December is birds. All kinds of birds.

30 original pieces, and yes, they’re for sale. And they’re affordable: $99, which includes free first-class shipping. You can order on my Etsy store by clicking here. Check this blog every day (or the Etsy store) to see the new one. Each one will be 5″ by 7″ on sturdy illustration board.

Last month’s theme was food and drink, this month it’s birds. Any other themes you’d suggest?


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