Funky Peacock Feather

The Funky, Funky Feather

The tail feather of a peacock is possibly one of the most psychedelic creations of nature. The function is said to be for courtship displays, but it’s also theorized that the “eye” pattern can confuse predators. And it’s iridescent. The barbs of the feather shimmer and change color as the angles of light and the eye change. When displayed, the eyes are laid out in a mathematically precise swirling pattern. So I guess what I’m saying is: crank the Pink Floyd, pull up a bean bag chair, and stare at a peacock feather sometime, kids.

I’m doing 30 original works and the theme is birds. All kinds of birds.

30 original pieces, and yes, they’re for sale. And they’re affordable: $99, which includes free first-class shipping. You can order on my Etsy store by clicking here. Check this blog every day (or the Etsy store) to see the new one. Each one will be 5″ by 7″ on sturdy illustration board.



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2 responses to “Funky Peacock Feather

  1. Ah man…I totally am digging this psychedelic painting. Certainly one of my favorites of the Bird set!

    …I’m curious….what’s the next 30?

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