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Trivial But True: Bulldog Glasses Arrive in New Orleans

Last year I posted about designing a pint glass for the Bulldog, a beer bar on Magazine Street in New Orleans. They go through something like 30 million glasses a year, so they call on The Public for graphics. If they choose to run one of yours, you get braggin’ rights, a shirt and gift certificates, which, like money, can be exchanged for goods or beer service.

Well… they picked one of mine and printed them up earlier this year. Joey the manager mailed me one and I thought some of y’all might want to take a look-see, since I had a lot of comments on the original post.

The Bulldog Glass

Winston Bulldog

Trivia Corner:

According to, some crazy bastard may have invented the breed by instigating the union of a mastiff and a PUG. A freaking PUG. (What kind of a sick, twisted…?) Anyway, the dog was bred to guard, fight and bait bulls, which was, it is said, mandated by law before slaughter, as it was scientifically known to “enhaynce the Nutricione and Flayvoure of the Beefe.” And that’s the neat thing about science. It’s never, EVER wrong. Except when it’s in the past. Which is now in the future. But not now now. Ergo, current science is never wrong. I know this. Scientists themselves have admitted as much.




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Tornado Watch in Effect for Tribeca

"talking_#47" by Mark Roth

154 tornadoes, all hitting Tribeca at the exact same time. What are the odds? Pretty good, actually. See this rare occurrence on June 15 from 7-11 pm.

Tuesday night, come to a one night Pop-Up Event at hip-hop mogul Damon Dash’s new space, The Dash Gallery. You’ll see all of the new Tornado Series – 154 paintings in a process assemblage – and hear a “3-headed genre-defying [vibe] monster bred in NYC’s lower east side,” Cubic Zirconia – LIVE.

They’re celebrating the release of Cubic Zirconia’s new single Black and Blue – for which Mark Roth provided cover design: Tornadoes, of course.

Roth's Tornado Assemblage

Also on view: Joan of Arc Riding My Little Pony


Tuesday, June 15 7-11pm
The Dash Gallery
172 Duane St., Tribeca
Door: $10 – drink, snack, music, art, video


"Joan of Arc Riding My Little Pony" by Mark Roth

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Last Chance to See “Nailed” in Red Hook… and About 11 OTHER Good Reasons to Get Out There This Weekend

"Lady Liberty, why won't you be my wife?"

Time Out New York magazine puts it thusly: “If you’re going to haul out to Red Hook on a Saturday, you should see everything at once.”

The Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition show “Nailed!” comes down on June 13, so check it out this weekend… and the other 11 things Time Out recommends here. After all, until they build a trolley line out there (HAH!), when will you get to historic, breezy Red Hook again?

The Red Hook Line! Ready to roll by August of 2525!

So big you can see it from SPACE.

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