Trivial But True: Bulldog Glasses Arrive in New Orleans

Last year I posted about designing a pint glass for the Bulldog, a beer bar on Magazine Street in New Orleans. They go through something like 30 million glasses a year, so they call on The Public for graphics. If they choose to run one of yours, you get braggin’ rights, a shirt and gift certificates, which, like money, can be exchanged for goods or beer service.

Well… they picked one of mine and printed them up earlier this year. Joey the manager mailed me one and I thought some of y’all might want to take a look-see, since I had a lot of comments on the original post.

The Bulldog Glass

Winston Bulldog

Trivia Corner:

According to, some crazy bastard may have invented the breed by instigating the union of a mastiff and a PUG. A freaking PUG. (What kind of a sick, twisted…?) Anyway, the dog was bred to guard, fight and bait bulls, which was, it is said, mandated by law before slaughter, as it was scientifically known to “enhaynce the Nutricione and Flayvoure of the Beefe.” And that’s the neat thing about science. It’s never, EVER wrong. Except when it’s in the past. Which is now in the future. But not now now. Ergo, current science is never wrong. I know this. Scientists themselves have admitted as much.




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2 responses to “Trivial But True: Bulldog Glasses Arrive in New Orleans

  1. Scientists admitting things? That’s a thing of the past. Beautiful glasses, by the way!

  2. mike

    Sweet! But you gotta get a case 🙂

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