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Power of Imagery: Wish Paintings

Colleen’s Wish Painting

Ever hear of a “vision board?” They’re where you cut out pictures of things you want from magazines and paste them on a piece of posterboard. The idea is you see it every day, and magically draw these things to you. I don’t know the science, people, alls I know is that through some kinda metaphysical whattaya call it… “Law of Attraction,” things will come to you.

Anyway, Wifey and I took this a step further and turned the junior high girl’s locker exercise into art. Excuse me… AHT. The fine kind. The fine cartoon kind, anyway, as I was the AHTISTE behind the endeavor. As a gift, I designed and executed a “wish” or “spell” painting for her, incorporating elements of things she wanted more of in her life (music, dogs, socializing with friends, booze – I mean fine wine, etc.). The result is below, and here’s the thing: it works. Oh, yeah! Consider it proven. Ask the wife.

So, you need a really special holiday gift for someone? Let’s go! Contact me ( and let’s get the ball rolling. We’ll confab, I’ll work up some sketches, and we’ll get this done by December. I can even have it framed for you and shipped right to the recipient. I only have time for a couple of these, so let me know by November 1. We can work out an EZ installment payment plan and work within your budget.

Oh, and holiday cards? I’m doing those, too. You can have an original design for as low as $125. Again, let me know by Nov. 1, as time (as we perceive it) is of the essence.

Here’s one I did based on the It’s a Wonderful Life poster for Wifey and me a couple years back:

Xmas Card

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American Parody: Gothic Gets a Makeover


"American Gothic" by Grant Wood


Grant Wood’s “American Gothic” has got to be the most parodied painting in the world. Must be the appeal of tweaking an icon, over and over and over….

I like parody. I’d rather see parody with purpose, but ever since I was a kid and discovered Wacky Packages, the idea of transforming a well known visual into something new has had major appeal to me. Even for no reason at all, it’s kind of fun. It mesmerizes people… trips up the brain for just a second, if it’s done well.

It took a while for the painting to achieve icon status. Painted 1930, Wood entered it into a competition in the Art Institute of Chicago. It earned a bronze medal (plus a $300 prize for the artist), and the Institute bought the painting. Backlash arrived like a fist in the face when Iowans (the painting was set in the Hawkeye State) felt that Wood was mocking them as grim, bloodless rubes. Wood insisted he wasn’t, but many assumed his work was part of a trend toward caricaturing rural American life as old-fashioned, repressed, backward. The artist denied this charge, aligning himself during the depression with Midwest artists like John Steuart Curry and Thomas Hart Benton, who celebrated the tough, straightforward American spirit in their works.

Parodies of the painting started popping up soon, from the serious to the the frivolous. Here’s a slew of ’em for you.


Gordon Parks (1942)



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