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The 52 Project: Week After Week of Riffing

Take a look at the 52 Project. It’s created by Chrissy Deiger and Brian Ralph Short as a venue for artists to speak to each other; to make things that would not have occurred otherwise occur; to mix media so that it melts, stumbles, smolders, erupts; to both interrupt and prolong the creative process; to enjoy the multitude of ways we have to communicate with each other, to make meaning, to insist and react and be still.

Each week for a year a different artist riffs on the art that was posted the week before. Mine’s up now, called “Work Chair.” Check out the guy before me, week 26. He did a dumpster dive, on video, and resurrected a chair (the one I drew below), on the fly.

"Work Chair"

Now get to it. Go do your work, fearlessly.


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