Janis Joplin Portrait Contest

“Janis Joplin” by John Tebeau ©2012

Aww, she was a li’l hellcat, she wuz. Yeah, boy, Miz Joplin… boy, she could shore put it away. Southern Comfort, boy… that stuff, that stuff could eat the rust clean off a ’39 Ford tractor, boy….

Okay, okay. Enough of the twisted vernacular. Let’s leave that to Larry McMurtry. This is about a contest. Freaky Friday trivia, a regular feature of ours here at Tebeau.com. I’ve got six interns toiling away here in our offices and we have to keep them busy. So, let’s go.

See, Facebook—that paragon of commercial modesty—disallows filthy, filthy contests on their hallowed site, so I have to offshore fun stuff like this to WordPress, where I guess they don’t give a damn what goes on. ‘Slike the wild west out here. Yee-haw.

So for a free 11″ by 14″ signed print of a Janis Joplin portrait I made, answer me this:

What is the best worst way to drink Southern Comfort?

Just post your answer in a comment below. Consideration will be given for the worst best way to drink it as well. You be the jury, I’ll be the judge. Not eligible if your name is Joe Rudy, who won last time. And be sure to “like” John Tebeau Art on Facebook for more dandy fun like this. Also, please take a look at my new website tebeau.com for more of my art—old and new—for perusal, sale and general wonderment. Thanks, and happy Friday!



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2 responses to “Janis Joplin Portrait Contest

  1. brett

    Thru your nose.

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