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Mark Roth: “Joan of Arc Riding My Little Pony”

Painter Mark Roth lives and works in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan. This week, thanks to Hurricane Sandy, he’s one of several thousand New Yorkers without power. Well, electricity. He’s still plenty powerful. In his honor, I give you Mark’s video of his 16 month long process creating the vibrant Joan of Arc Riding My Little Pony, backed up by—who else?—Carl Sagan, auto-tuned. Enjoy.

More of Mark’s work (including his excellent new Grass Paintings) on his site

Mr. Carl Sagan, ladies and gentlemen! CARL SAGAN!



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What I’m Reading Now, If Now Were About Two Years Ago

Paul Madonna’s fabulous book © 2007

I picked up Paul Madonna’s All Over Coffee a couple years back during a visit to San Francisco. Bought it at the fabled City Lights Bookstore in fact, right there on Columbus Avenue in North Beach. Historic store, historic neighborhood.

Madonna’s brush and pen and ink work is revelatory. I’ve never seen anyone capture both the subtleties and the power of light so well USING ONLY BLACK AND WHITE FOR PETE’S SAKE. How does he do it? Practice. And a great eye. And practice. He describes his learning process (and much more) in the book. I appreciate an artist who shares his process. It’s both encouraging (because since he wasn’t always that great, there may be hope for us mortals) and enlightening (ahh… so THAT’S how he did it!).

Paul Madonna © 2007

This book is a collection of work Paul did for the San Francisco Chronicle. Ostensibly, it’s a comic strip in which disembodied voices provide text to go with gorgeously rendered scenes of San Francisco, arguably the most scenic city in the U.S.

Madonna nails the feeling of San Fran, sometimes with just a clipped view between buildings, or the very top gables of an unmistakeably San Franciscan Edwardian mansion. It’s absolutely uncanny how good he is. All Over Coffee. Check it out.

My favorite one: a house on Ashbury and Page in the Haight (Paul Madonna ©2007)

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Shameless Plug for My Friend Sorgatz

Shameless is an overused word. Why do “plugs” always have to be described that way?? How about “unabashed?” Or “sincere?” “Useful?” “Worthwhile.” Let’s go with worthwhile.

Because this here is a worthwhile plug for my friend Mike Sorgatz, painter. He has a solo show opening Friday September 14, 6-9 p.m. at Figureworks, a gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn “dedicated to bringing you contemporary fine art that explores the human form.”

As Figureworks puts it “Michael’s paintings are immediately captivating by their vibrancy and playful abstraction. They keep one’s interest by discovering that they hold a whole world within them which is familiar to those living or walking throughout the New York City landscape.”

Also, they’re powerful and compelling and full of sound and movement. They explode from the center of the canvas, with light and shadow as thick as frosting. Check ’em out, and say hey to Mike for me. Because I’ll be out of town…


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The 52 Project: Week After Week of Riffing

Take a look at the 52 Project. It’s created by Chrissy Deiger and Brian Ralph Short as a venue for artists to speak to each other; to make things that would not have occurred otherwise occur; to mix media so that it melts, stumbles, smolders, erupts; to both interrupt and prolong the creative process; to enjoy the multitude of ways we have to communicate with each other, to make meaning, to insist and react and be still.

Each week for a year a different artist riffs on the art that was posted the week before. Mine’s up now, called “Work Chair.” Check out the guy before me, week 26. He did a dumpster dive, on video, and resurrected a chair (the one I drew below), on the fly.

"Work Chair"

Now get to it. Go do your work, fearlessly.

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Tornado Watch in Effect for Tribeca

"talking_#47" by Mark Roth

154 tornadoes, all hitting Tribeca at the exact same time. What are the odds? Pretty good, actually. See this rare occurrence on June 15 from 7-11 pm.

Tuesday night, come to a one night Pop-Up Event at hip-hop mogul Damon Dash’s new space, The Dash Gallery. You’ll see all of the new Tornado Series – 154 paintings in a process assemblage – and hear a “3-headed genre-defying [vibe] monster bred in NYC’s lower east side,” Cubic Zirconia – LIVE.

They’re celebrating the release of Cubic Zirconia’s new single Black and Blue – for which Mark Roth provided cover design: Tornadoes, of course.

Roth's Tornado Assemblage

Also on view: Joan of Arc Riding My Little Pony


Tuesday, June 15 7-11pm
The Dash Gallery
172 Duane St., Tribeca
Door: $10 – drink, snack, music, art, video


"Joan of Arc Riding My Little Pony" by Mark Roth

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Mike Sorgatz: One of the Park Slope 100 for 2009

Artist/blogger (not to mention my art studio-mate) Mike Sorgatz of was just named one of the “100 people, places and things that make Park Slope Park Slope” by OnlytheBlogKnowsBrooklyn.

Michael Sorgatz because your site  “Art in Brooklyn” promotes the work of local artists, and that’s a positive and generous thing to do (especially in these times). You are also a talented artist in your own right and a really great guy.

Mike and Eleanor on their wedding day in November, on the Lowah

Congrats, Mike!

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Mark Roth’s Latest Painting: “Joan of Arc Riding My Little Pony”

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