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Spell Paintings: the Process of Desire

I’ve mentioned spell paintings before – they’re one of my specialties. They operate sort of like vision boards. They’re artistic representations of elements one would like to see flourish in one’s life. You think about what you want/need/desire and you discuss it with an artist. Namely me. I render (we hope) an eye and soul pleasing design, rich in symbolic imagery, and then I paint it in appropriate colors. You hang it on the wall and see it every day. It seeps into your subconscious. You dream about it. The symbols work their magic. Before you know it, the elements of the painting are part of your material world. They have manifested. The spell painting is a success. If you’re careful about what you want. We don’t get into monkey’s paw territory if we can help it.

And spell paintings work, too. Make no mistake. I’ve seen it happen more than once.

This is a spell painting I made for my wife, Colleen. Let’s walk through the process with some visuals here.

First, we talk. She tells me what she wants to see manifest or increase or flourish in her life and I listen. I make notes in my sketchbook. I let it stew.

First sketches

Step two: I make lists and cull images and refine the sketch, which, if successful, will resonate with power and magnetism.

More sketches

Step three: the painting is completed, framed, and hung in a prominent place, to be seen often. In this case in the bedroom, across from the foot of the bed, easily visible before retiring and upon rising.

Finished spell painting.

Step four: things come to fruition. In this case, piano lessons, New Orleans, parties with friends, good food and wine, creative writing for fun and profit, good luck and the buoyancy of excellence, rising to the top like cream, etc. No dogs . . . yet.




Spell paintings work, chum. Don’t let anybody tell ya different. Contact me when you’re ready to change your life.



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